Philosophy: Why compete on analytics?

“The college sports arms race remains one of the few recession-proof industries.” – ESPN (06-12)

While this concept is taking a step back due to COVID-19, the hyper-competitive reality of college sports is certain to continue well into the future.  In an environment of hyper-competition, high-performing program management and asset utilization are among the last remaining points of differentiation.  Breakthrough play-calling, technology and facilities are rapidly copied by competitors; what’s left as a basis for competition is to execute your program’s strategy with maximum effectiveness and efficiency, and to make the smartest, most well-informed decisions possible for your program.

As Moked Analytics has seen through professional experience in “Corporate America” and as was documented in “Moneyball,” statistical analysis can be used to provide concrete, unbiased data; with this data, you will gain the ability to systematically understand and act on efforts to improve program performance in the areas that best predict success.

Where does your program compete on the analytics continuum?

The Moked Analytics “6P” Program Performance Framework


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